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Rymul Roofing Offers Residential and Commercial Roof Installation and Repair Services for All Types and Sizes of Spaces

We, at Rymul Roofing, take immense care in ensuring efficient and accessible customer support services. We want you to know everything about roofing services in Boston, MA, that we provide before your purchase.

This is in line with our strict adherence to a maximum transparency policy. Our contracting company’s goal is to achieve complete customer satisfaction, and we believe that we can achieve that by keeping you in the loop regarding every material, method, and process.

With services for commercial and residential spaces, there’s no limit to the type and size of a project we take on. These include houses, offices, sheds, buildings, garages, schools, hospitals, shopping centers, and so on.

Therefore, you can learn about our services from this FAQ page without needing to pick up the phone. We have answered various questions that are related to our services that’ll help you prepare for your project beforehand!

If, however, you do not find an answer to your question, take a look at our contact details and reach out to us. A representative will help you with whatever queries you may have.

What is the average timeline for a project?

At Rymul Roofing, we offer roofing replacement and roofing repair services in Boston, MA, for residential and commercial spaces. Therefore, the amount of time that’s attributed to a project will depend on various factors. These factors include the:

  • type of the project (whether replacement or repair)
  • scope of the project
  • type of materials used (Built-Up Roofing (BUR) membrane, commercial shingle roofing, residential shingle roofing metal roofing, flat roofing, tile roofing, etc.)
  • method used for the roofing replacement process

With all of that said, we aim to complete residential projects within 2 to 9 days for areas between 35 and 40 sq. ft, depending on the material used. Rest assured, our team is dedicated to implementing new, efficient methods to finish projects timely. Our team will also provide you with an estimated timeline for your project. 

Give us a call to learn more.

Can I use my preferred suppliers?

Even though we use only premium-quality materials for our commercial and residential roofing services in Boston, MA, we also offer our customers flexibility. Therefore, you can provide the roofing materials, and we’ll install the roof according to your instructions and requirements. 

This way, you’ll be in complete control of your project. We prioritize a collaborative approach for all roofing projects. We consult our clients on every project and then provide a complete outline of how we approach the process and the cost of installation

Where can I get a quote for a project?

At Rymul Roofing, we provide everyone with a free quote on their roofing project, be it replacement or repair. We have a dedicated free quote form that you can fill out within seconds to receive a free quote for your project. If you’d prefer to describe your specific requirements, you can give us a call at (617) 903-5106 or email us at

What is your protocol if a project runs over time?

As roofing contractors in Boston, MA, we aim to ensure that we finish every project in a timely manner. Our experienced professionals perform a thorough analysis of your project to ensure we have an accurate estimate for project completion. 

If the project is delayed due to unforeseen circumstances such as sudden rain or snow, or undiscovered problems in the fixture, our team will inform you on how we will proceed further.

Will I be assigned a project manger?

As mentioned before, Rymul Roofing ensures the best customer experience. Therefore, we will assign a project manager to handle your project specifically. This way, you will have one manager who oversees every detail of your project, minimizing any requests or details from being overlooked. 

Your project manager is part of our team of expert Massachusetts roofers. Therefore, they will also have the knowledge and skill to understand your concerns about a project and ensure that it is delivered in accordance with your exact instructions. We use the same process for both residential and commercial services. 

I would like to work for your company. Where can I send my CV?

To ensure premium roofing services, we’re always looking for experienced professionals to join our team of expert roofing contractors in Boston, MA. If you fulfill our criteria, you can apply for a position at Rymul Roofing by sending us an email at

Where can I read other client's feedback of your work?

As a company that’s committed to maximum transparency, we have client testimonials on every page of our website. Each of these clients has shared their informative opinions on their experience using services at Rymul Roofing. 

You can also visit our dedicated client testimonials page for information on what our customers think about our installation, repair, and customer support services.

My question is not listed here. How do I get in contact with you?

If you already have an ongoing project and would like to learn more, you can speak directly to your project manager. They will provide you with a solution to your problem or detailed instructions on how to acquire a solution. 

That said, for all queries about our commercial and residential roofing services in Boston, MA, give us a call at (617) 903-5106 or email us at We have professionals that will answer all of your questions before, during, or after you secure our services for your home or office. 

If you’re ready to secure roofing services for your residential or commercial space, you can fill out the form below for a free quote. In a matter of seconds, you’ll have an estimate of how to budget your roofing your project!

We Have The Experience

Our clients’ testimonials speak for the work we do. They are indicative of the level of detail we put into our work and our dedication to the craft.

Client Testimonials

“My home’s roof started to get damaged from one corner. I decided to call Rymul Roofing for repairs, and they made it look good as new in no time. They finished well within the deadline we agreed upon, and the workers were polite and professional. Definitely recommend this company. You won’t regret it.”

Sandra Eckstein

“I was in charge of getting the roof replaced at my workplace’s building. Rymul was an affordable option under the company’s budget. I have to say that their work is brilliant!     Totally worth it.”                                                                                                                                                                                                                

Charmain Decaestecker

"My wife and I were building a new home together, and we needed a separate roofing contractor. When we came across Rymul, we gave them a call, and they were so friendly so we settled on a project. They DID NOT   DISAPPOINT!                  Their work was phenomenal. "                    

Arthur Smith

“I wanted to change my home’s roofing when renovating. A few colleagues recommended Rymul, so I went with them  since it was included in my coverage. Excellent attention to detail, professional attitude, and very skilled workers. I was impressed."

Charles Favreau

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Do you need help with some roofing work?

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