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The Best Roofing Repair Services in Boston, MA, Money Can Buy

Rymul Roofing Offers Roof Repair and Installation Services to Transform Your Residential or Commercial Space

At Rymul Roofing, we aim to provide you with roofing services that you need. We want you to get the best deal for your residential or commercial property, and we manage that through complete transparency and dedicated professionals. 

As Massachusetts roofers, we take a holistic approach with our services. There many levels and types of roof damage. Our team of professionals has the skill set to address all such concerns. No project is too big or too difficult for us. 

At our company, we use premium-quality materials for roofing projects to match those that are present on your existing roof. This way, there’s continuity with the aesthetics and the functionality of your roof. In addition to that, we offer these materials at market-competitive prices so that the overall roof repair costs are at a minimum. 

If, however, you already have the materials for roof repair, our professional contractors will use those to repair the roof according to your instructions and requirements. 

All it takes to make your roof as good as new is a call!

Types of Roof Damage Rymul Roofing Addresses

Our roofing company in Boston, MA, primarily deals with two sources of damage to your roof. This includes hail and wind damage. These forces of nature can damage your residential or commercial roof in many ways.

Some of these types of damage are as follows.

Missing or loose shingles:

One of the main reasons for this is poor workmanship during installation. Premature aging tends to occur when the roof installer doesn’t clean, dry, and prime the roofing area properly before starting the installation process.

Peering or curling shingles:

This is when the shingles curl because of mold formation over time, which occurs when moisture is trapped in the roof’s wood decking, especially due to a poorly ventilated attic. Depending on the condition of the curling, we will straighten the curled shingles or replace them with new ones.

Indoor water leaks:

Leaks are one of the most common types of roofing damage that our clients experience. There are two major causes for a leaky roof. The first is that there is no appropriate moisture barrier for the decking. The second is that the fastening is not installed correctly. Therefore, we provide roofing repair services in Boston, MA, for both cases.

Other types of damage that we can address include:

Chimney issues

Damaged fascia or soffit

Granule loss



High-Quality Roofing Materials Rymul Roofing Uses 


As a residential and commercial roofing services company, we provide various roofing materials as part of our roof repair and installation services. These materials include:

Built-Up Roofing Membrane Shingle Roofing  Tile Roofing Metal Roofing Flat Roofing


 Rymul Roofing’s Roofing Repair Process

At Rymul Roofing, we understand that your home is an asset you care dearly about. Therefore, we make sure that only high-qualified Massachusetts roofers work on it. When you call us and let us know the damage to your roof, our professionals inspect your roof thoroughly. 

We aim to identify the source of the damage to your roof so that we can restrict its effects, if not eliminate them. This way, we can improve the longevity of your roofs, and help keep your home safe and save money in the process. 

If, for example, your roof is damaged due to fallen branches or high winds, our experts check the wood decking under the shingles as well. As a result, we can determine if water ingress caused additional damage to the roof. Water damage to your roof’s wood decking could cause serious structural problems in the future.

Therefore, our team doesn’t meet you halfway in ensuring your roof looks repaired and new. Instead, we make sure to leave no stone turned with our roofing repair services in Boston, MA. We believe a thorough process with careful attention to detail can ensure that your roof stays in excellent condition for a long time.  

Furthermore, we take on a collaborative approach for roofing repair services in Boston, MA. We make sure to understand your project completely and execute the details to perfection. We also work with you to settle on the materials and processes we use so that you’re in charge of how your project is handled.

Why Choose Us for Residential and Commercial Roofing Services

  • Rymul Roofing ensures transparency. Such an approach helps you save money, keeps your roof in good condition, and ensures satisfaction.
  • We offer roof installation services and roof repair services for all residential and commercial property, big or small.
  • We offer roofing repair services for various types of damage, caused due to wind, hail, and more.
  • We offer top-notch roofing materials that are sure to meet your standards and aesthetics.
  • We offer warranty options that cover repair services as well.
  • At Rymul, we have an insurance policy that protects your property and you.

If your roof is starting to show signs of wear, don’t let it get worse by not addressing it. You can give Rymul Roofing a call at (617) 903-5106, email us at for roofing repair services in Boston, MA or fill out the free quote form below for a quick estimate.

We Have The Experience

Our clients’ testimonials speak for the work we do. They are indicative of the level of detail we put into our work and our dedication to the craft.

Client Testimonials

“My home’s roof started to get damaged from one corner. I decided to call Rymul Roofing for repairs, and they made it look good as new in no time. They finished well within the deadline we agreed upon, and the workers were polite and professional. Definitely recommend this company. You won’t regret it.”

Sandra Eckstein

“I was in charge of getting the roof replaced at my workplace’s building. Rymul was an affordable option under the company’s budget. I have to say that their work is brilliant!     Totally worth it.”                                                                                                                                                                                                                

Charmain Decaestecker

"My wife and I were building a new home together, and we needed a separate roofing contractor. When we came across Rymul, we gave them a call, and they were so friendly so we settled on a project. They DID NOT   DISAPPOINT!                  Their work was phenomenal. "                    

Arthur Smith

“I wanted to change my home’s roofing when renovating. A few colleagues recommended Rymul, so I went with them  since it was included in my coverage. Excellent attention to detail, professional attitude, and very skilled workers. I was impressed."

Charles Favreau

Do you need help with some roofing work?

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Do you need help with some roofing work?

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