Metal Roofing

Guaranteeing  Durability and Affordability

Rymul Roofing offers premium-quality metal roofing material for residential and commercial properties. Metal roofs guarantee durability and affordability. They can last approximately two or three times longer than asphalt shingle roofing at just a slightly higher price point.

Benefits of Metal Roofing 

In the case of both residential and commercial roofing, metal roofs provide a few benefits that make them a popular option.

Great Durability

Metal roofing is resistant to many types of weather conditions, such as rain, snow, and high temperatures. The slippery texture facilitates maximum snow shedding, allowing snow to melt and fall off quickly. 

 Metal roofs also block out water, which, in turn, prevents rot to the decking and leaks. It is also an excellent option for homeowners worried about significant wind damage.

Fire Resistant 

 It also provides additional safety in the event of fires with a Class A fire rating. Our expert Massachusetts roofers make sure to install it over appropriate decking to maximize its fire-resistance. 

Fast Installation

We understand that the process of roofing projects can be inconvenient for homeowners and businessmen. Well, choosing metal roofing can minimize that, as it’s quick and easy to install. What’s more is that this material is also easy to repair, reducing the maintenance period and costs. 

Can Provide Excellent Insulation

While metal roofs don’t have a high insulation value, our experts install them over rigid-foam insulation, allowing it to prevent heat from entering your home. As a result, you won’t have to increase your air condition power to keep your home comfortable. Consequently, you can save a lot on energy costs while keeping your home comfortable.  

While metal roofing may be more expensive than asphalt shingles, its great durability, fire-resistance, and quick insulation make it an option worth considering. 

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