Slate Roofing

Providing Maximum Durability and Aesthetically Pleasing

Slate roofing is a fine-grained metamorphic rock that provides incredible durability, lasting anywhere between 75 and 200 years. The material we supply at our roofing company in Boston, MA, is mold-resistant, fire-resistant, and has low water absorption, making it the perfect option for freezing weather conditions.

What You Need to Know About Slate Roofing 

We use only the finest quality slate for our slate roofing projects at Rymul Roofing. Here’s what sets this material apart from others.

 Beautiful Aesthetic

This premium roofing material has a natural stone aesthetic that can make your home standout. Its natural texture and color are impossible to replicate completely, so it can set your home apart from others. 

Slate roofs come in various natural colors like grey, green, red, black, and purple. That said, the roofing material can be dyed to fit your exact home design specifications. 


One of the most significant selling points of slate roofs is that it can withstand various types of damage over the years. This quality makes it perfect for Massachusetts’ extreme weather, as it can withstand hail and wind damage during even the harshest storms. It also can withstand freezing temperatures and intense summers. 

Insulation Value

Despite how high or low the temperature is in your city, the temperature in your home will stay consistent with slate roofs. This roofing material has excellent insulation value, preventing heat from entering your home. This way, you will have a comfortable environment inside your home throughout the year, and it’ll keep your bills down. 

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Slate roofs only offer maximum durability if they are installed correctly. That is why you need skilled professionals adept at slate roofing installation and maintenance. 

As expert roofing contractors in Boston, MA, we believe that slate roofs provide homeowners with a fantastic value proposition. 

If you require assistance in picking a roofing material or installing slate roofs, fill out the free quote form below for a quick estimate for your project.

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